Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mass Traffic Attack - Part 11. Structure

It isn't difficult at all to write an article. However like most things there are “rules to
follow” if you want people to read your words and, more importantly, click through to your web site to get more information. I have lost count of the number of articles I have seen that blatantly disregard these rules. 
The content is just a collection of words that don't follow on from each other and there is very little attempt made to try to get the reader to find out more. No doubt these are the same people complaining that “article marketing doesn't work”. 
Here are the various components of a well-written article: 
1. Headline - should be attention grabbing and contain your keyword phrase
2. Opening Paragraph - introduction to your article, explain what you are going to write 
about. Aim to cover “x” number of points in your article
3. Main Body - 3,4,5 paragraphs. Cover 1 point per paragraph.
4. Conclusion - this starts in the final paragraph and continues into the Author's Resource 
Box (or Bio Box). Basically summarize what you have just written
5. Resource Box - the most important part after the headline (if your headline sucks then no- 
one will read your article anyway). Here you are allowed to insert a link back to your site, 
which is the whole point of writing the article in the first place. 6. Word Count - aim to write around 400 words 
  1. Keywords - your main keyword phrase should appear 2-3 times, your secondary keywords
    should appear no more than twice
  2. Teaser - the primary aim of your article should be to act as a teaser for more information
    from your web site.

Don't worry if there are some parts of the above you haven't fully understood or if some of those terms are new to you. Everything above will be covered in greater detail in the next few chapters. Also bear mind those are not hard and fast rules; I often break them myself. However never forget point 8 - you are writing articles to get the reader to click the link to visit your site.

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