Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mass Traffic Attack - Part 14. Basic Keyword search

Basic Keyword Research 
This is actually pretty easy to do, even for a complete novice. Since Google is the most
popular search engine, it makes sense to start there. They have an excellent free tool which you can find here: 
Google Adwords Keyword Tool 

Bear in mind these 3 things when doing your keyword research: 
1. Number of Searches - This is simply the number of times per month that a keyword phrase is being searched upon. In the Google Adwords this is called “Global Monthly
. When a phrase has a high number of searches, it naturally means many people are looking for it. Obviously that makes it a better choice for you. 
2. Competing Sites - After you have found a keyword with good monthly search volume,
go to Google and enter it into the search box. Make a note of how many results come up. Anything over 500,000 means a lot of other sites are competing for that term. On the other hand a figure below 50,000 obviously means that there are far fewer competing sites. 
So it naturally follows that the less competition you have, the better your chances of getting to the first page of the search results. This should be your primary aim and will give you a massive increase in traffic. 
3. Is Money being spent? - Not all keywords or traffic are profitable; there are a number of niches where money just isn't being spent. So how can you find this out in advance,
before you've sat down and written 30 articles about a subject? 
That's easy. 
After you have entered your search term check if any paid ads (Pay Per Click) have appeared, either at the top of the listing or down the right hand side. If there are any ads, it means that web site owners are paying money for the same keywords. So when they are paying money it stands to reason they are also making money from those ads. 

So if you carefully examine the above areas of keyword research, you should have a decent list of keywords that you can use to position your articles well. Don't forget that your aim is to get good, profitable keywords with a decent number of searches per month, and low competition.

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