Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mass Traffic Attack - Part 28.

Article Directory Submitters 
If you are submitting your articles to just 1 or 2 directories, that doesn't take up too much time. You need to sign into your account, add your article title, main body and resource box. Two or three minutes of copy and pasting per site and you're done. However, suppose you want to submit 20 articles to 100 article directories. That would take you several hours. 
This is where software such as directory submitters can come in very handy. You create an account with various directories, set up your user name and password and copy that into your software. You need only do this once. Then you copy and paste your articles into the software and hit submit. 

The directory submitter will then go through your list of directories submitting each article in turn. It's not quite 100% automated in that you will have to click to confirm your
submission on some sites, but it is a massive time save. Very highly recommended if you're going to be submitting a lot of articles to a lot of directories.

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