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Mass Traffic Attack - Part 29. Where to find your Article Writers

Where to find your Article Writers 
There are 3 web sites that stand head and shoulders above all the others. They are 
All 3 of these sites have been around a long time, thus are well-established. They are used by the most respected internet marketers and, more importantly the most reliable writers, programmers, graphic designers, etc. 
Elance is more of a general site for all sorts of tasks; Rentacoder started off as a way of bringing software writers and developers together, but today you will also find people there willing and able to write your eBook or sales letter for you. Guru is pretty similar to Elance in that you can find almost every kind of professional expertise on there, they have over
160 different categories. 
Let's have a closer look at Elance. It works in a similar manner to the well-known auction site eBay. It caters for simple projects such as having a few articles written for a few
dollars, right through to complex projects requiring several months and costing hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. 
You have the option of 'posting' your project, outlining what it is you want, together with both your deadline and budget. 
When you check back a couple of days later you should find several 'bidders' who are ready to complete the task for you. At this point it is just a question of choosing which one of the 'bidders' you want to go for. Just as you would check a seller's feedback on eBay, you can check a 'customer rating' for that particular person's previous jobs and make an informed judgment. 
Let's say you have 2 people quoting the same price for your article writing job, both can complete within your deadline, the first one has done 3 previous article jobs similar to yours. The second writer has over 200 such article jobs to his name. Naturally in that case common sense obviously says you should go with the more experienced writer. 
What you will find is that the most reputable workers will be only too keen to point you in the direction of their portfolio of previous work, together with testimonials from happy customers, usually on a web site. 
A word of warning though, don't be tempted to always go for the cheapest quote. The
article writer who is 25% cheaper than all the others may be cheaper for a very good
reason. Check his experience, check his feedback and check his portfolio. Feel free to send a message within Elance if you have any questions or concerns. 
This is also a good opportunity to check their English communication skills. If you feel uneasy about dealing with this person, then find someone else; there is no shortage of reputable writers on Elance. The best advice I can give is - go with the more experienced person, even if it costs a few dollars more. Those extra few dollars are worth the peace of mind knowing that your job is being done thoroughly and professionally. This is especially true for your first few jobs via Elance. 
Rentacoder and Guru work in very much the same way; again you can either invite offers for bids on your project and decide on a service provider, or you can search through the different categories to find a specialist to undertake your task. Both sites are well respected from both sides; the internet marketing community and the developers/writers community. It is a tried and tested system that is now a firmly established vehicle to outsourcing. 
Another place you may want to try out is the Digital Point Forum, link is here: 
If you look in the “Copywriting” section you will always find a large selection of article writers offering their service. It's not as a formal as the other 3 sites, but you may prefer that format when starting out. 
So, that's a pretty comprehensive introduction to the world of outsourcing your articles. However, let me repeat what I said at the start of this chapter - do write your own articles first before paying others to do so.

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