Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mass Traffic Attack - Part 4. The Right Mind Space

The Right Mind Space 
Let's deal with getting your own “mind space” right. I am sure you have read about the importance of having a positive mental attitude, goal setting, the Law of Attraction and so on. This is not the place for a detailed examination of the “mental” part of various “selfhelp” principles; numerous very good books abound on the various aspects of that subject. All I will say here is that what you expect, or what you wish for - you will get. 
Back to getting your mind right. Expect failure - that's what you will achieve. That's true for anything in life, not just your business but that also applies to your social and family life. If you come into any part of internet marketing, not just article marketing, with the attitude of “well I'll give this a try but I'm not really expecting anything” then guess what? That's EXACTLY what WILL happen - I guarantee it. 

On the other hand, expect to be successful and you will be. Believe me, it really is just as simple as that. It is vital that you get your mind space right, and it is truly a question of mind over matter. In article marketing your most important tool is not your computer but the space between your ears! 
So let's get into the detail. Let me ask you a question 
“What single word do you think is the biggest enemy standing between you and online success?” 
Money? - no, compared to the costs of starting a traditional offline business the cost of setting up one on the internet is laughably cheap. And article marketing is free. 
Knowledge? - again no, that is easily acquired. Anything you don't know to succeed online, such as technical skills can be learned from ebooks like this. Writing articles is quick and easy 
Contacts? - none of the very successful online marketers were well known when they started.
Through the use of things such as forums it is very easy to build up a network of online contacts
these days. You'll be astounded by how few articles you actually need to write before you build up a following of your own and you are seen as the expert. 

The single word is actually procrastination.

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