Saturday, 16 July 2016

Mass Traffic Attack - Part 5.1 How To Overcoming Procrastination

How To Overcoming Procrastination
Overcoming Procrastination 
Procrastination is the act (or actually the “non-act”) of putting something off until later - tomorrow, next week, sometime soon, never. It is by far our biggest enemy. Whole lives have been wasted by this very real problem. Businesses never started, families never begun, vacations never taken, relationships never started all because of this. 
Imagine if there were no procrastination in the world or in your own life - you'd do every task there and then without regard to the consequences. 
Thinking of starting an online business? - you would take action on it immediately Thinking of asking that guy/girl for a date? - you wouldn't hesitate 
Thinking of taking that vacation you really need? - in less than 5 minutes you would have bought the tickets 
Thinking of writing 5 articles to promote your site? - you start writing, an hour and a half later you're drinking coffee, all articles done 
Of course taking action immediately without thinking things through can lead to negative consequences. That's why procrastination is actually human nature, it is literally in our genes. What's the main reason we procrastinate? 

Mass Traffic Attack
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